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Work packages

Work packages (WP)

WP 1 Inventory of Activities, Key Players and Identification of Gaps and Needs
The aim of this inventory is to identify best practices and key players in the area of Personalized Medicine in Europe and associated states, and to provide an overview of gaps, needs and subsequent hurdles faced in Personalized Medicine.
Many national and European key players, networks and organizations, as well as industry and SMEs, are actively engaged in the emerging field of Personalized Medicine and have produced strategy documents. These parallel activities will be connected to avoid duplication of work and unfruitful competition. WP1 aims to promote synergies, use resources in the most effective and efficient way, and come up with an agreed upon, balanced strategy for a European roadmap in this highly innovative health research area.

WP2 – Dialogue Platform for Relevant Stakeholders in Personalized Medicine
The dialogue platform for Personalized Medicine is based on the results of WP1. The goals of this platform are to strengthen the cross-border networking between users and providers as well as purchasers and performers in the field. The aim is to overcome national, European and international limitations and to illustrate the benefits, needs and potential for co-operation of Personalized Medicine for research, healthcare systems, economic development and European citizens.

WP3 – Guidance and Recommendation for strategic development - Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda
The objective is to develop recommendations for a strategic research & innovation agenda (SRIA) and an implementation plan for Personalized Medicine research in the European Research Area. The strategic research agenda will suggest common activities and potential joint funding in relevant areas of Personalized Medicine Research. Furthermore, SRIA aligns existing national, European and, if possible, international strategies. Based on identified successful alliances and prototypes, as well as on identified gaps, overlaps and needs, recommendations will be developed. The proposed implementation plan will promote a timely coordination of Personalized Medicine Research initiatives. WP3 will point out priorities and recommend instruments and timelines for future research policies. As starting point for the implementation, a sustainable forum – the “Round Table PerMed” consisting of ministries and funding organisations – will be established.

WP4 – Dissemination of CSA PerMed Dialogue Platform and Results
WP4 deals with the dissemination strategy of the results of the CSA PerMed. Relevant stakeholders will be approached and connected. A press conference will use active “liaison tools” in the research and policy agenda setting process at the level of the European institutions to support the operational dissemination of the project’s deliverables. Furthermore, the intra-project communication activity handled by the Coordinator will be significantly supported by the activities of WP4, e.g. input for the internal and external PerMed webpage content.

WP5 – Coordination and Management

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